3 Easy Steps to Renting a Vacuum Truck

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For as much as a vacuum truck costs, you would think it would be very difficult to rent one, right? Wrong! We try to make the process as easy as possible so you can focus on your job and your customer.

Step One: Fill Out The Application

Before you rent from us, we will need you to provide us a certificate of your insurance coverage with Vac2Go as an additional name insured. You must have a valid CDL license and meet DOT and IFTA Fuel and Mileage reporting requirements. You will need to submit a credit application and review the lease agreement. We may have you furnish the first payment and a security deposit in advance. From start to finish, the process of the application takes about a day. But once you fill it out for your first job, the next time you need to rent from us, all it takes is a phone call!

Step Two: Decide What Vacuum Truck and Accessories you need

Once the application is finished or during the application process let the experienced staff at Vac2Go get you the best truck and the right accessories for your job. We have a combined 50+ years of experience in everything from Industrial cleaning to heavy truck maintenance.

Our vast fleet includes Guzzler & Super Products Air machines, Vactor Combo rigs, Ledwell & Keith Huber Liquid vacs, and Vactor/ Guzzler Hydro Excavators. Additionally, we can make sure you have the proper hose and fitting combinations and send the items with the truck. If you need just a cam lock fitting or 500’ of hose, we got you! Our mission is not to just rent you a vacuum truck. We want to be your partner and a resource to help you on your project.

Step Three: Vacuum Truck Arrival and Training

After your application was accepted and you know what truck you need let us know how you want it! Our team can deliver it to you, or you can come pick it up at one of our regional locations. Once your team is with the truck, our Vactor/Guzzler certified trainers will spend the time to ensure you are comfortable with the operations of the truck. If you have any questions before or during your job, we have an around the clock customer support team to help field any issues.

That is it! We want you to be confident in us as your partner. We want you to be able to get the job done the right way and in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. We’ll focus on our vacuum trucks so you can focus on your project and taking care of your customer.

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