Vacuum truck work is dirty business. We know that. You know that. We also know the importance of having the right equipment and accessories to get the job done in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. At Vac2Go Vacuum Trucks our mission is not to just rent you a vacuum truck. We want to be your partner. We take pride in providing you with a clean, well-maintained vacuum truck that has been thoroughly inspected by our DOT and Vactor certified mechanics. We’ll focus on our vacuum trucks so you can focus on your project and taking care of your customer.

  • Vacuum truck? Check
  • Vacuum truck hoses? Check
  • Vacuum truck accessories? Check

Vac2Go Vacuum Trucks is quickly building a reputation as the vacuum truck rental company East of the Mississippi. With the newest and most up to date vacuum trucks in the industry, state of the art GPS units, a catalog of vacuum truck accessories and an around the clock customer support team, why would you want to go anywhere else?

Launched in 2011, Vac2Go was created to serve customers looking to simplify their job processes by providing a variety of new model rentals for short and long term rents without the upkeep and expense of owning a vacuum truck.  Our vast fleet includes Vactor and Guzzler lines, Ledwell, Keith Huber, Super Products and 407/412 DOT Liquid Vacuum trucks.  In addition, most of our vacuum trucks come equipped with a Standard Boom, a Telescoping Boom, or a Sludge Pump Offload System.

All vacuum trucks are equipped with state of the art GPS units so that you know where your vacuum trucks and your crew are at all times. In addition to vacuum truck rentals, VAC2GO also offers a full line of vacuum truck accessories for purchase. This includes 180 AR/HR hose, cam & groove hose fittings, reducers, replacements bags, cages and much, much, more. If you are new to vacuum truck operation or need a refresher course for your team, VAC2GO also offers vehicle operation training courses.

VAC2GO operates with a strict focus on reliability, safety, and best in class customer service. All of our equipment is maintained to strict OEM standards and meets exacting performance criteria. Our goal is not to sell you a service, but to be your business partner when it matters the most. We will provide you with the confidence, equipment, and partnership you expect in order to succeed in your business!