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Should I buy or rent a vacuum truck? 5 rental benefits to consider

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To rent, or not to rent, that is the question. When deciding whether to rent or buy a vacuum truck, there are several things you should consider. First, is your work seasonal or year round? If you added another truck to your fleet today, can you keep it busy throughout most of the year or just occasionally? Are you satisfied with bidding the same jobs year after year or are you actively working to expand your business and grow your fleet? You have invested a lot of time and money in your current vacuum truck fleet and you should get the most out of your investment. Below are some benefits to renting a vacuum truck before you purchase one.
• Eliminate Truck Maintenance Costs
Most vacuum truck rental companies will handle all of the regular truck maintenance issues for the customer. We do. If a customer has a truck on a long-term rent, they can choose to perform the regular maintenance themselves or have the rental company do it for them. We do. In addition, if your rental truck goes down on the job for any reason, the rental truck company will typically swap out that truck for a replacement. We do.
• Test the Newest Technology
Most vacuum truck rental companies will have a variety of truck types for you to choose from with all the add-ons and accessories you need. We do. All of our trucks are 2012-2017 models and our rental fleet is constantly growing. When renting a truck, be sure to ask which specific truck you will be receiving to be sure you are getting a newer truck in excellent condition.
• Get a Truck when you need a Truck
We all know that the demand for a certain type of vacuum truck is determined by the season, region, and type of work being performed, among other factors. Renting a vacuum truck gives you the flexibility to use that truck for a specific project or job and then returning it when you are done.
• Avoid Monthly Truck Payments
A great benefit from renting a truck vs. buying is that you are not locked into monthly payments every month for the next 3-5 years. When you rent, you are only paying for the time you use the truck and can build the rental cost into your project bid. If you are just starting your business, this is a great way to get your feet off the ground without having to make a large investment in your business.
• Test before you Buy
If you are in the market for a new vacuum truck, renting is a great way to test out the newest equipment, features, accessories, and technology. Rent a few different types of trucks and find out what works best for your projects as well as your crew. If your crew is happy with the rental, then they will be very happy when they find you have just bought that same truck with your logo on it.
Renting a vacuum truck has many advantages when you are considering buying vs. renting. Take advantage of the flexibility of renting until you have enough additional work to justify purchasing a truck. Contact us today to learn more about all of our rental benefits and rent one today!

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