Passenger Side Separator Baghouse

Cyclone Separator and Filter Baghouse – ACE Trucks

Vac2Go Operation

The Dual Filter ACE (DF ACE), which is the standard ACE vacuum truck utilized by Vac2Go, utilizes two cyclone separators and two filter baghouses.

Air leaving the float-ball vacuum shut-offs on each side of the debris tank enters two cyclone houses. A cyclone housing is located on each side of the unit and directly in front of the debris tank. Additionally, there are two filter baghouses which are also found on each side of the unit. These are directly in front of the cyclone housings. It protects the blower by removing all material from the air stream before reaching the blower. The cyclone and filter baghouses are round cylinders with a rounded bottom. The cyclone spins the air stream around the walls of the housing until it reaches the bottom of the cyclone house. The cyclone reduces particle matter in the air stream leaving relatively clean air to return to the top of the cyclone so that it may enter the bag filters. The air stream enters the baghouse bottom and travels upward through a series of filters that stretch the length of the baghouse. There are 34 cloth filter bags 70″ long that hang from the top of each of the baghouses and stretch to the bottom of the baghouse. Airflow continues through the filter bags and leaves it through the baghouse outlet.

Passenger Side Separator Baghouse

Passenger Side Separator Baghouse

Note: The filter or filter bags should be inspected before each operation. If they are torn, damaged, dirty or worn, they should be replaced before beginning operations.

Access to the filter bags can be gained by using the ladder mounted on the passenger side of the debris tank. It is stored in a horizontal position along the side of the debris tank. Unhook the pin and allow the ladder to swing down so that it is in a vertical position and aligned with the ladder mounted on the debris tank.

Note: The left leg of the ladder is a pivot point which allows the ladder to swing from horizontal to
vertical position. Insert the pin in the right bracket to secure the ladder.

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