Guzzler Classic Vacuum Truck – 360 Degree View

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The Guzzler Classic vacuum truck is one of the most versatile vacuum trucks in our fleet. The Guzzler Classic is designed to clean up both wet and dry materials from solids and dry bulk powders, to liquids, slurries, and thick sludge. Depending on the material type, the Guzzler CL can operate in remote or inaccessible locations more than 1,000 feet away.

The Guzzler CL is ideal for oilfield vacuum truck work and can perform a number of functions, including:

  • Efficient drilling mud removal
  • Clean up and recover valuable raw material (solids, dry bulk powders, liquids)
  • Oil sludge and water removal
  • Frac tank cleaning and general tank cleaning

The Guzzler CL can also be used for a number of different applications, including:

  • Aluminum plants
  • Bridge painting
  • Cement plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Coal plants
  • Foundries
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Grain elevators
  • Lime plants
  • Material processing plants
  • Metal mining
  • Natural disaster clean-up
  • Phosphate plants
  • Power plants
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Railroads
  • Shipyards, docks
  • Steel mills
  • Waste-to-energy plants
  • Hydro-excavation

VIDEO Disclaimer:

This video is brought to you by Vac2Go, LLC. Our videos are designed to help you become more familiar with the maintenance and operation of your Vac2Go vacuum truck. This video does not take the place of field training. This video does not certify you in vacuum truck operation nor does it take the place of vacuum truck certification courses. For more detailed information on vehicle operation, maintenance, and safety, review your owner’s manual or speak with your supervisor. You must be familiar with all safety devices and have been trained by either your supervisor or a certified vacuum truck technician before operating a Vac2Go vacuum truck. If you need any further information, please contact us a 1-855-Vacs2G0 (822-7246) or [email protected].

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