What the heck are all these vacuum tubes for?

Vac2Go Operation

When renting a Vactor combination vacuum truck from Vac2Go, your vacuum truck will come standard with a variety of additional vacuum tubes. Fold down pipe racks are located on the left and right sides of the debris body of the combination unit. Each pipe rack can hold three pipes in a variety of sizes. The racks are designed to fold down for safe ground level retrieval of the pipes. Remove the locking pins before trying to lower the pipe rack. Hold onto the handle of the pipe rack when lowering or raising the pipe rack. Reinstall the locking pins after the pipe rack is raised.

Pipe Racks2

To release a pipe from the pipe rack, pull and twist the locking handle. When putting the pipe back in place, again, twist the locking handle to the other position. When stowing the pipes in the rack, place the most used pipe in the upper most position to aide in pipe retrieval in the order needed.

In addition, there is a standard pipe rack located on the right hand side of the unit in front of the rodder pump. This rack holds two sections of pipe at ground level for easy access for vacuuming operations. If the vacuum hose needs to be extended, additional vacuum pipes can be attached to the vacuum hose. When working with deeper basins preassemble the pipes in a horizontal position and then slide them into the basin.

Pipe Racks

When attaching the vacuum tubes to the boom, make sure that the vacuum system is turned off. First, remove the boom from its stored position and swing the boom into position over the basin. Stand the long catch basin nozzle into the catch basin. Lower the boom until the vacuum tube and the catch basin nozzle are joined and install the quick clamp to fasten the nozzle to the vacuum tube. To remove the vacuum tube, lower the end of the tube to the ground to relive tension in the joint and then release the quick clamp and remove the tube and place back on the rack.

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