High Dump Supersucker

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Vac2Go is now renting the High Dump Supersucker! The High Dump has everything you love about a classic Supersucker but with more to offer! The high dump gives the unit the capability of unloading material into various containers. It is difficult to unload materials into a roll off box or other similar containers, but now with this system you can relieve your stress and get the job done faster and easier.

How Does It Work?supersucker2

The superior design of the system enables the unit to retain its low center of gravity, high-capacity filtration, and 51° dump angle. The High Dump offers a simple operation sequence that can be quickly learned by anyone. The High Dump is kept in a normal horizontal position during transit and during vacuuming operations, which allows for even loading of material and full utilization of the large collector body. The design of the high dump system allows the unit to be unloaded with or without raising the rear of the unit, so if a normal unloading job is all that is needed, it will be unaffected. When needed, the unique high dump system allows the operator to easily raise the rear of the unit to position it over containers.

The high dump system not only makes unloading easier but also allows baghouse and separator dust to be emptied simultaneously when unloading the collector body. The baghouse filtering capacity is never compromised. A fast, easy debris unloading procedure; and a low maintenance design that includes a one-step filter cleaning system makes for less work, happier employees, and happier customers.

Contact Vac2Go today if you are interested in this one of a kind Supersucker!

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