Vacuum Truck at Job Site

Job Planning for a Vac Work: Safety, Safety, Safety

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No Vacuum truck job behinds without a job walk down. Before moving equipment and people to the site, it is important to get the lay of the land and make sure that your equipment, your employees, and your customer are safe from any potential hazards associated with the work. No dollar amount is worth someone getting hurt. Take the time and PRE-PLAN! Below are a few things to consider:

  • Do you have all of the necessary hoses and accessories to properly perform the job effectively?
  • Are you aware of the site location and material that will be vacuumed? Has it been properly tested?
  • Are there any hazards on the job site that you should be aware of such as un-level ground, job site employees, dump location, or anything else that may require special consideration and planning before beginning the job?
  • Do you have all of the proper safety equipment, clothing, tools, etc. to perform the job in a manner that is safe for your team and any other individuals or equipment that will be working around you?
Vacuum Truck at Job Site

Vacuum Truck at Job Site

No matter how routine vac work may be for you, all aspects of safety need to be carefully considered each and every time.

When you first arrive at the job site, it is recommended to take the following steps. Do them all again, even if you have already done them once. Things can change:

  • Once on the job site, park the vehicle, engage the parking brake, and turn on the emergency flashers.
  • Observe the job site, looking for un-level ground, overhead obstructions, and any individuals or equipment that are also working/operating near your area.
  • Park the vehicle in the best possible position for the easiest and safest access to the work site and material to be loaded while taking into consideration overhead obstructions, traffic movement, and any pedestrians or other employees working around you.
Here is a link to an unfortunate situation that little pre-planning could have prevented:

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