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Vac2Go Operation

Whether you own or rent an air mover, in order to preserve the life of your vacuum truck it’s important to perform regularly scheduled truck maintenance, such as:

  • Daily greasing of vacuum truck
  • Daily oil check
  • Daily walk around vacuum truck inspection
  • Filter bag changing as necessary
  • Monthly oil/filter changes
  • Monthly blower servicing

Today, we’ll focus on the last bullet point, truck cleaning. When you are operating a vacuum truck, it’s important to understand the material you will be vacuuming. Is it wet or dry material or a mix of both? Is it a heavy material or a light powder? The answer to these questions will help determine your optimal RPM setting and if the manual relief valve should be completely closed or partially open. This will allow you to vacuum up the material without putting too much strain on the vacuum truck. If you are vacuuming a light, power material and have your RPM’s set at 1200 or higher, you will run the risk of pulling the material straight through the tank into the cyclone chamber and bag house and possibly damaging the truck.


If you are working on a job site that requires you to haul multiple loads of product, it’s important that you check the condition of the bag house and cyclone chamber in-between loads. If this goes unchecked, your filter bags can become worn and begin to tear. Material will begin to build up in both chambers and, depending on the material, over time will harden and cause additional damage to your filter bags and cages. If this happens, it will prevent the vacuum truck from properly cycling through the 4 stage filtration process and allow harmful material to possibly be released back into the atmosphere.


If you own your vacuum truck, you are decreasing the life of your vacuum truck. If you rent, you are not only decreasing the life of the truck but your rental company may stick you with a high cleaning bill! If you are unsure of the condition of the interior of the truck, always check first before vacuuming additional material. Taking 5 minutes to check the truck can save you several thousand dollars in cleaning and repairs later.


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