You did what you said you would for the price you said you would and the customer was pleased with the results. Seems like a win/win deal. THANK YOU for your timely and speedy response. Certainly if things happen in that area again, we will call you. Nice to know someone that will get the job done.
While building a new distribution center, we had several days of heavy rain but had not yet finished our roof construction. We used Vac2Go’s Guzzler Ace and Guzzler Classic trucks to pump the water out of our facility. In one week, we hauled over 100 tanks of water out of our facility.
The Vac2Go trucks are impeccable. They are brand new, top of the line trucks. They are always clean and we can always depend on Vac2Go to deliver the truck when promised. Truck deliveries are always on time and the Vac2Go staff is a very knowledgeable group of individuals
Our vacuum pump broke and we needed an alternate vacuum source in a pinch. Vac2Go was able to provide us with a Guzzler Classic truck which provided enough vacuum for us to test all of our parts. If our vacuum goes down again, we know who to call.
The Vac2Go Guzzler Classic truck runs fine. We have had no issues with the truck. The service provided by Vac2Go has been excellent. If we need anything, Donna is always there to help us with anything we need.
Donna always makes sure we have the right accessories and trucks for our outages. I Enjoy working with Donna as she provides excellent service. Vac2Go has the best equipment around here…besides ours that is ;). We will continue to rent from them when we need additional vacuum trucks.
The trucks work great. We have had no problems. The vehicles are clean and maintained. Great customer service!
Trucks are A1. They are in great shape. We have had no issues at all. I wish they had more trucks available for rent!
Our vehicles are always clean. Customer service is great! We love working with Donna!
Vehicles are first class! I have 4 of them with me right now and I don’t want to give them back. The vehicles are very well maintained. I needed trucks on short notice and Vac2Go came through and got me exactly what I needed.
The trucks we received were very reliable and were well maintained prior to our rental. We were extremely satisfied with the overall performance.