NLB Partners with Vacuum Truck Rental and Service Company Vac2Go

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    Wixom, Michigan: NLB Corporation, a global leader in the manufacture of high pressure and ultra-high pressure water jetting pumps, systems and accessories announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Vac2Go, LLC, an industry-leading vacuum truck rental, service and equipment provider with offices in Louisville, KY; Rock Hill, SC and Memphis, TN. The reciprocal agreement will …

High Dump Supersucker

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Vac2Go is now renting the High Dump Supersucker! The High Dump has everything you love about a classic Supersucker but with more to offer! The high dump gives the unit the capability of unloading material into various containers. It is difficult to unload materials into a roll off box or other similar containers, but now with this system you can …

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Rent Vacuum Trucks for a Healthier Environment

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We live in a world that is increasingly focused on environmental-friendliness, united by an anthem of: “Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!”. And this can be especially critical in the consideration of waste transportation and disposal. Luckily, sewage sludge and other waste matters, if treated and processed properly, produce biosolids- a nutrient-rich organic material that can be used as a fertilizer maintaining fruitful …

Vac2Go: You Might as Well Rent From the Best (for real, the actual best)

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There are four top priorities you should think about when looking for a place to rent a vacuum truck: Quality of equipment, available technology, customer service, and pricing. If you’re looking for the best, look no further than Vac2Go. Quality of Equipment: The Best Vacuum Bodys on the Best Chassis. The biggest differentiation point among rental companies is the quality …

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NEW! Guzzler High-Rail

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Vac2Go is now renting the Guzzler High-Rail! The Guzzler High-Rail is a one of a kind vacuum truck for the rail industry! This truck is rail ready, boom equipped, and self-contained. The High-Rail uses vacuum power to remove contaminated and unwanted materials from track beds. The Guzzler High-Rail can do everything a standard industrial vacuum truck can do, but it …

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Guzzler XCR – Swing Out Loading Cyclone

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is now renting the Guzzler XCR- a Swingout Cyclone! Want to get even more productivity out of a Guzzler? The swingout cyclone provides for continuous loading of material without the interruption of having to dump collected material. The XCR is the only system that will vacuum while simultaneously offloading. This will save time of having to take the truck to …