Guzzler Classic Vacuum Truck – 360 Degree View

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The Guzzler Classic vacuum truck is one of the most versatile vacuum trucks in our fleet. The Guzzler Classic is designed to clean up both wet and dry materials from solids and dry bulk powders, to liquids, slurries, and thick sludge. Depending on the material type, the Guzzler CL can operate in remote or inaccessible locations more than 1,000 feet …

What the heck are all these vacuum tubes for?

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When renting a Vactor combination vacuum truck from Vac2Go, your vacuum truck will come standard with a variety of additional vacuum tubes. Fold down pipe racks are located on the left and right sides of the debris body of the combination unit. Each pipe rack can hold three pipes in a variety of sizes. The racks are designed to fold …

What’s better, a PD or Fan Combination Unit?

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When renting a vacuum truck and before beginning any municipality or other work which would require a combination unit vacuum truck, it’s important to understand the work you will be doing so you know which type of combo unit is right for you. A combination unit vacuum truck uses high pressure water and vacuum to clear and clean sewer lines …

Now that’s a lot of product!

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Whether you own or rent an air mover, in order to preserve the life of your vacuum truck it’s important to perform regularly scheduled truck maintenance, such as: Today, we’ll focus on the last bullet point, truck cleaning. When you are operating a vacuum truck, it’s important to understand the material you will be vacuuming. Is it wet or dry …

Hose Accessories

Vacuum Hoses, Tubes, & Connectors

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Before beginning any vacuum operations, inspect all vacuum hoses, tubes, and connectors. Leaks, holes, cracks, or any other damage in these items will reduce the vacuum efficiency and may results in spills. Be sure to check/perform the following before beginning any vacuum work: Hose Accessories Hose Accessories When vacuuming material, remember the following: Accessories Accessories If vacuuming large or heavy …

Truck Dumping

Guzzler Classic & Ace – Vibrator Safety Guidelines

Vac2Go Safety

The vibrator switch is used to help dump material out of the debris body by reducing the friction between the debris body and the material inside the tank. If used improperly, the vibrator can prevent material from dumping out of the tank. If used improperly, serious damage can be done to the vibrator and the vacuum truck. Remember the following …