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There are four top priorities you should think about when looking for a place to rent a vacuum truck: Quality of equipment, available technology, customer service, and pricing. If you’re looking for the best, look no further than Vac2Go.

Quality of Equipment: The Best Vacuum Bodys on the Best Chassis.

The biggest differentiation point among rental companies is the quality and type of equipment. Age of the fleet, chassis type, and truck manufacturer are typically the main differences. Vac2Go prides itself on providing the best in all three categories.
The oldest truck in our fleet is a 2014. Trucks are sold once they hit the 3-4 year old mark to ensure that the age of the fleet stays low. This also provides an excellent opportunity to sell a lightly used, well maintained truck to a customer who is in the market to purchase. Additionally, Vac2Go takes delivery of new trucks every month. A good percentage of our fleet are 2016 and 2017 models.
A vacuum truck can be put on a number of different types of truck chassis. Since 2014, every single truck in the fleet has been put on an ultra premium Kenworth or Peterbilt Chassis. The Kenworth T800, the new Kenworth T880, and Peterbilt 567 represent the majority of the fleet. Most rental houses will put their trucks on a lesser chassis, like a Freightliner.
Perhaps the best reason to rent from Vac2Go is the options. We are not married to one manufacturer and are happy to offer a host of the best brands in the market. Keith Huber, GapVax, Super Products, Vactor, and Guzzler are the best of the best in their respective class and we are proud to offer an assortment of all of them.

Top Technology: Do other rental companies even know what that means?

By now, most service companies use a GPS tracking system to monitor their fleet and crews in the field. The service companies lose this ability with a rental truck… well unless it’s a rental truck from Vac2Go. When you rent from Vac2Go, you can receive a direct log-in to our tracking system, allowing the customer to have full insight into the trucks they are renting. Additionally, it is much more than a GPS location. Our systems track input operation (blower, PTO) as well as speed, idle time, etc. Nothing goes unnoticed. This is a tremendous value for decision makers and project managers who can’t be with the truck at all times.

Excellent Customer Service: Call us, even late at night

Customer service is a huge priority when renting a vacuum truck. Its an expensive and foreign piece of equipment probably, the last thing you want to do is have downtime due to a problem. You do not want to get stuck with a rental company who will just rent you the truck, and that’s it. Do other rental companies call you all the time when they want your business, but can’t seem to get to the phone when there is a problem?
Vac2Go is available to you, 24/7. We know they all say this, but go ahead, try us. Need a hose at 3am? We got you. Need a truck clear across the country in a pinch? Just ask. If we can do it, then we will. We have to. If we don’t have happy customers, we don’t have a business.
If you have any questions before or during your job, we have an around the clock customer support team to help field any issues. Our Vactor/Guzzler certified trainers will spend the time to ensure you are comfortable with the operations of the truck.

Competitive Prices:

I know what your thinking. “All of this sounds great, but what’s it going to cost me? With all of this value, I assume there is a premium to be charged. My numbers matter, so i’m just going to stick to who I rent from for now.”
Well, you know what happens when you assume! This added value doesn’t come with a premium. It comes standard. Vac2Go’s rates on a weekly and monthly basis are very competitive to other rentals rates from other companies. We may be $100 higher on this truck, or $100 cheaper on that truck. even if the price is slightly higher, isn’t it worth it? If you’ve ever had a bad experience with a junk truck that you paid too much for then you know what i mean!

At the end of the day, if you can get a better truck, better service, and a better experience for the same price that you’re paying now, why would you not try us?

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