Master Control Panel Hydraulics

Vacuum Truck Hydraulic System

Vac2Go Operation

All of the main functions of the vacuum truck are activated by hydraulic power. Hydraulic power is supplied by the main hydraulic pump. This pump is driven by the power takeoff (PTO) on the truck transmission. The hydraulic tank, complete with filters is positioned behind the truck’s cab.

Master Control Panel Hydraulics

Master Control Panel Hydraulics

Hydraulics are required in order to perform the following functions:

  • To raise and lower the debris body
  • To open and close the debris body door on the debris body
  • To operate the boom
  • To operate optional equipment

Note: The controls for all hydraulic functions are found on a multi-valve control bank located directly below
the master control panel on the driver side of the system.

In order to engage or disengage the hydraulics, the operator must be inside the cab of the truck.If hydraulics are required while NOT in blower mode, engage the hydraulics by using the hydraulic pump shifter on the shift tower in the cab of the truck. If hydraulics ARE required during blower vacuum operations, the hydraulics must be engaged at the time you move the vacuum pump from road mode to blower mode.

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