Benefits of Using Industrial Vacuum Trucks for Sewer Cleaning

Sewer cleaning season is upon us! Sounds like a dirty job, right? When utilizing powerful Vac2Go Vacuum Trucks, we help get the job done quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, neatly. 

Sewer pipes are cleaned throughout the year. However, they are cleaned more frequently in the summer and fall months. These are times when the rain tends to cause dirt and debris to clog the sewage systems. Professionals use two methods of cleaning – jetting and vacuuming.

Industrial vacuum trucks use a combination of high-pressure jet spray and suction to create an unobstructed path in sewer lines, making planned maintenance more manageable and sanitary. The high-powered spray and specialized nozzle are valuable for unblocking pipes, which helps keep city pipes flowing without interruption. 

What’s the process for cleaning out a city’s sewer system? Well, we are glad you asked! The process begins with forceful hydro spray to clean and displace trash and other refuse. The water enters the suction unit, passing through filters to remove sand, garbage, and more before entering the wastewater tank. Many municipalities utilize Vac2Go’s vacuum trucks to complete this process because they can count on our trucks and equipment to get the job done right and keep their pipes in tip-top shape! Vacuum truck models differ in features, but there are two primary types to consider when facing sewage cleaning jobs:

Industrial Vacuum Trucks- which pairs with a sprayer, click here to view our vacuum trucks for rent

Combination Unitswhich includes both jets and suction in one vehicle. click here to view our vacuum trucks for rent

Benefits of Using Industrial Vacuum Trucks for Sewer Cleaning? Now that you know how it’s done, let us discuss the benefits of utilizing Industrial Vacuum Trucks for sewer cleaning. 

  • SAVE TIME– Large tank capacity reduces the need for repeat disposal trips. Clean-up is quicker since trucks capture and easily haul away wastewater and dislodged debris. Streamlined filtration systems deliver faster cleaning without sacrificing power. 
  • CUT COSTS– Fewer trips to dump debris translates into more savings. Our equipment is maintained to strict OEM standards and meets exacting performance criteria. 
  • STAY HEALTHY- Vac2Go strictly focuses on reliability, safety, and best-in-class service. Your employees’ health and safety is our top priority. When using our trucks, there is no direct exposure to the waste in the suction lines; you do not need to cleanse them manually. Our truck breaker systems also prevent overflow resulting in less mess for your team! 
  • PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT– Our goal is to help keep our environment clean, safe, and healthy. Our Vac2Go Trucks directly impact the environment by helping to rid our cities of toxins, sewage, and debris. 

Our trucks help improve the excavation method and saves time over traditional techniques, allowing your employees to be more productive. Our mission is not to sell you a service but to be your business partner when it matters the most. We will provide you with the confidence, equipment, and partnership you expect in order to succeed in your business! 

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