Main Features of the Guzzler High-Rail:

  • Maximum Vacuum – 28”Hg Blower
  • Maximum Airflow – 5,300 CFM
  • Payload Capacity – 18 cu yd
  • Bag Cleaning – 115 PSI Air Cannon
  • Tank Size – 3,600 Gallon Tank

Guzzler High-Rail

The Guzzler High-Rail Vacuum Truck is used to efficiently remove and replace heavy material on the railroad track. This includes, but is not limited to; gravel, sand, iron, and/or lead. Another great use for this truck is to use it for cleaning up potential pollution problems involved with working on the railroads. This vacuum truck is also great at responding quickly in emergency situations because of the ability it has to drive on the roads and on the railroad. The Guzzler High-Rail is the ideal vacuum truck for railroad spills and transferring materials. It works by putting the removed material into its large collection tank. After being put into the collection tank it can then be disposed or reused.

Unlike other vacuum trucks that are made solely to work on the railroads, the Guzzler High-Rail vacuum truck can be used on both rail and road. It only takes a few minutes to convert the Guzzler High-Rail from road ready to rail ready! The Guzzler High-Rail will save you time and money by working on and off the tracks. Renting with us will save you time and money because the job will get done faster and you will not have to handle the up-keep of the truck.