Main Features of the Guzzler XCR:

  • Maximum Vacuum – 28”Hg Blower
  • Maximum Airflow – 5,300 CFM
  • Payload Capacity – 18 cu yd
  • Bag Cleaning – 115 PSI Air Cannon
  • Tank Size – 3,600 Gallon Tank


Featuring the Swingout Cyclone

Want to get even more productivity out of a Guzzler? The swingout cyclone provides for continuous loading of material without the interruption of having to dump collected material. The XCR is the only system that will vacuum while simultaneously offloading. This will save time of having to take the truck to a dumpsite. The swingout cyclone achieves continuous operation by serving as a collection tank for vacuumed material while also offloading the collected material into its holding place. The swingout cyclone can provide an easier way for keeping collected materials away from other material.

The swingout cyclone moves out from the main debris body and material is vacuumed directly into it. The cyclone serves as the collection hopper and the bottom part releases the collected material out the bottom. The cyclone can be raised to a 7.5-foot ground clearance and the valves can be operated manually or automatically. The swingout cyclone also has an easy to reach control panel located inside the tool box on the passenger side. The box controls both the knife gates and the movement of the cyclone. Being able to swing the cyclone in and out makes it convenient for road travel and dumping.

The Guzzler XCR is widely used in the catalyst industry and at oil refineries. If the swingout cyclone is not used, the XCR can also be used as a classic Guzzler CL! The Swingout Cyclone XCR will save you time and money by working simultaneously collecting and offloading materials.