Why Vacuum Trucks are Important to Municipalities

Believe it or not, a vacuum truck can be a municipality’s best friend.

Vacuum trucks can not only save cities and towns money on a variety of projects, they are efficient and also allow for quick disposal of any by-products of a cleanup or excavation project.

These versatile machines can enable municipalities to finish excavation projects more quickly, enable them to recycle water that is already in the vacuum truck’s system and plenty more. Here are a few of the ways vacuum trucks are regularly used for public works projects.

Digging and Excavation

Vacuum trucks can be used to dig holes by literally sucking up the ground. Unlike a crane excavator, a vacuum truck can be used to dig holes around public service infrastructure in the ground, like sewer pipes or power lines. 

Digging using a vacuum truck is therefore safer, far less likely to cause service interruptions due to accidents and more cost-efficient. And the fact a local municipality can rent a truck from services like Vac2Go means money saved on paying construction contractors to handle such projects.

Leaf and Debris Removal

When fall arrives and leaves fall from the trees, it may be beautiful to behold, but the leaves left behind can cause issues. Leaves can back up storm drains and can also trap moisture, which can produce mold, certain diseases and pests. Wet leaves can also become a slippery hazard to pedestrians and motorists.

Vacuum trucks can be used by all sizes of municipalities to remove and dispose of leaves and other such debris that can cause problems on public thoroughfares and in residents’ yards. If you’ve ever wondered why it’s common practice to rake lawn waste to the curb, that’s so vacuum trucks can pick it up and dispose of it without bagging – which can add more burden to city dumps.

Sewer Cleaning

Speaking of fall, summer and fall are peak times for dirt and debris to clog sewers. Vacuum trucks can be used to vacuum this unwanted debris out of sewers and then dispose of it.

Another method of cleaning sewers is jetting, which is sort of an opposite procedure in which a high-pressure hose is used to dislodge debris and flush away the debris. Sometimes, these two methods are combined for even more thorough cleaning. From garbage to sludge, not much can stand up to an industrial vacuum truck.

Cost Benefits

Because all the above scenarios are ones facing every municipal government, the need to address these scenarios is ever-present. Vacuum truck rentals, as provided by companies like Vac2Go, can help save municipalities money and time in a variety of ways – and this also saves taxpayer money.

Consider an excavation project using much larger equipment that requires a larger crew – using vacuum a truck for certain excavations and cleanups not only is more affordable, but it also usually requires a much smaller crew. 

Vacuum trucks also don’t have to be transported by truck – because they are trucks, vehicles built to drive on public streets. This means they can get from jobsite to jobsite quickly, while also being utilized for disposal of waste, dirt and debris. We also have smaller non-cdl trucks that make it easier to maneuver busy/small roadways. The efficiencies in time saved means that more projects can get finished in less time.