Winterizing Your Vac Truck

It’s no secret that driving – much less working – in the winter can prove harmful to any machine. Harsh conditions and freezing temperatures may vary by your location, but winterizing your combination unit or industrial vacuum truck will extend its life. Maintaining your vehicle throughout the cold season will not only preserve its life and efficiency, but also save you from high repair costs.

Cold temperatures make it harder for engines to work properly, snow and ice can limit tire traction, and salt can cause rust. A lack of proper winterization for your machine can result in broken hoses, frozen gauges, pump failure and ruptured water tanks to name a few negative outcomes. Repairing one or several of these items on your truck can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

If you are looking to winterize your combination unit or industrial vacuum truck, take a look at the following guide.


To properly winterize your water tank system, the following method will  offer you some generalized tips:

  1. Move your vehicle to a suitable draining area.
  2. Remove the clamp, cap and gasket from the Y-strainer.
  3. Open the water tank and heat exchanger drains. Leave all valves open to rid the tank of residual water.
  4. Remove the quick disconnects from the handgun hose reel.
  5. Start the truck’s engine and leave it on idle.
  6. Engage the hydraulic pump, close the rodder ball valve and open the handgun valve.
  7. Run the rodder pump until water expels from the handgun system. Then, turn off the rodder pump.
  8. Remove the water pump drain plugs and run until all pump water expels. Again, turn off the rodder pump.
  9. Tightly secure the rodder hose and leave all valves open.
  10. To remove water from the hose, rotate the reel clockwise.
  11. Switch the rodder valve and handgun to the “on” position.
  12. Remove the drain and manifold plugs. Operate the rodder pump until all the water drains.
  13. Disengage the hydraulic pump and remove the plug near the rear tire. Open the valves and remove any debris.


After draining is complete, leave all valves and drains open, and allow your machine to sit overnight.

Though winterizing your combination unit or industrial vacuum truck may seem like an extensive and involved process, renting or buying one doesn’t have to be. Whether you are an industrial service contractor, environmental contractor, or a municipality, Vac2Go has the vacuum truck for you! We pride ourself on renting the best trucks available in the industry. From Wet/Dry industrial vacuums, to liquid vacs, to combination units and hydro excavators, our diversified fleet can help you tackle your next project. Vac2Go serves clients across the United States and we would love to work with you.

If you’re looking to rent a vacuum truck for your next job, or if you want more information about winterization, visit our website and contact us today.