The Many Uses of Vacuum Trucks

It might be easy to look at an industrial vacuum truck and think, “Why would I ever need one of those?” But you’d be surprised by just how many purposes can be fulfilled with a vacuum truck from Vac2Go.

As we’ve already written here, a vacuum truck is an essential tool for cleaning clogged up sewer lines, particularly in the summer and fall seasons when debris can cause serious issues. But what are the other uses for a vacuum truck? Here are just a few:

Municipal Cleanup
As noted, vacuum trucks are ideal tools for clearing sewage lines, so most municipalities will either own or rent vacuum trucks from companies like Vac2Go. But a vacuum truck can do much more than just clean sewer lines, as they can be used to cleanout entire septic systems.

Industrial Cleanup
Many industries produce by-products that are often stored on site. But what happens when those storage units get full? That’s right, it’s vacuum trucks to the rescue. This makes them invaluable to the petroleum and natural gas industries.

When municipalities need to excavate hidden utility lines that are underground, a vacuum truck can be an essential tool. Hydro-excavation is one method, and that involves using highly pressurized water to remove soil. But a vacuum truck can also be utilized for air excavation, which is simply the use of pressurized air to remove large amounts of soil quickly. These methods can also be useful in cleaning contaminated soil.

Industrial Excavation
Similarly, large construction projects often need large amounts of soil removed or relocated, and vacuum trucks are often employed for speed and efficiency in those excavations. Pressurized water breaks up the soil, and the vacuum system can be used to remove or relocate that soil.

Disaster/Spill Cleanup
One critical use for vacuum trucks is in a situation where there are environmental concerns, such as a chemical spill. A vacuum truck can quickly remove the chemical so that it can be safely disposed of. In addition, in flooding situations, vacuum trucks can efficiently clean flooded basins and storm drains.

One often overlooked use for an industrial vacuum truck is for emergency situations such as rescue operations. A vacuum truck can be a valuable tool in a situation such as a mine cave-in or a collapsed building due to earthquake or fire.

Waste Hauling
A vacuum truck on its own can only hold so much debris once it’s vacuumed out of a sewer line or other situation. But paired with a tanker, all that debris can be easily removed to a more appropriate location once the cleanup is finished, such as a wastewater treatment facility. Vac2Go offers tankers that can hold more than 5,000 pounds worth of debris and liquid.